Welcome to the Fantastical Zone

Blimey! Can you believe there are people out there who’ve never even seen a Spectrum? For those unlucky souls, a vibrant blue -and-yellow-bordered, pink-and-green website may seem a bit odd.

Consequently, for a while now I’ve been planning to skin the site in something a little more modern and now, thanks to my ultra-talented designer friend Fabiana, I can welcome you to my super-modern 16-bit theme. Hurray!

Armed with just a screenshot if Space Harrier, and hassled by constant requests to change stuff, Fabi’s done a fantastic job – and she’s got lots more lovely stuff you should checkout on her website at fabianagraphics

If you are a Spectrum fundamentalist (and yes, this is a good thing) the good news is that the old theme is still active too – you can flip between them using the magic switcher in the side bar. Hurrah!

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