New Year, New Job, New Track!


Happy New Year! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, but I’ve recently started a new day job. Hurrah. Unfortunately, the process of finishing  job A and starting job B has taken up more time than I anticipated, so I haven’t been around much – Although I did find some time last week to play around with emulation on the Ouya. It may well be seen as an ugly unsightly pimple on gaming’s already rather unsightly face, but it actually isn’t bad at all!

Aside from that, I’ve also knocked together a quick track. This one’s a cover of Pharrell William’s recent single Happy, reworked for the YM2612 chip found in the Megadrive. I did it just so I could play around with Aly James‘ rather splendid Megadrive-emulating VST Plugin, FM-Drive, which I’ll probably be writing about soon. In the meantime I present to you “Happy (16-Bit Version.) I hope you enjoy it! Many thanks yo Geoffrey Carter, who sequenced the original midi file I played around with:


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