Outrun: The Spectrum Ports

Its cold, its wet, its nasty and half the country is underwater. There’s only one thing for it: it’s time for an Outrun marathon. Dissapointingly though, Outrun is covered pretty well online. From dedicated fan sites through to socialist analysis theres a staggering amount of material covering almost every facet of the iconic arcade series.

Or is there?

It turns out that there is a dark secret that no one really talks about: The home computer ports. If they of crop up, as they do from time to time, the consensus seems to be that they were disappointing failures that aren’t really worth your time. This, however, is wrong. I was there at the time damn it, and I remember being able to extract at at least a tiny amount of fun from each of these little gaming molluscs. Well, On the Spectrum, at least. lets have a look at each of the Speccy ports in turn then, beginning with the original Outrun.

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