Night Trap is on Kickstarter?

This probably shouldn’t come as a massive surprise, but Night Trap now has its own HD Kickstarter.

I don’t know how I feel about this. As much as people complain about Kickstarter rapidly becoming a dumpling ground for retro gubbins, Night Trap is an important historical artifact. Even if it isn’t quite the game it was made out to be. From that perspective, I can see how a remaster could theoretically be justified.


However, I’m not sure what can be gained from an HD remaster. As games go, few are as tied to their time or there place as much as Night Trap. A boost in resolution really isn’t going to help improve ancient footage and game mechanics that would be better left as the relics that they are. An original PC version already exists. . .Please just future-proof it and pop it on GOG!

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