Here’s a Bunch of Lovely Outrun Easter Eggs

I may about 20 years late to the party, but I thought I’d quickly share the Easter Eggs that developer Hertz included in their Sega Megadrive port of the original Outrun.

All of the easter eggs are unlocked just before the beginning of the third stage, and they’ll only appear if both of your previous course times are under a minute AND you’ve managed to complete them without so much as scratching one of your fellow road-users. Blimey! If you can meet these conditions, you get a fly-past by one of the following aircraft:



Desert (easy) – Sega Blimp



Cloudy Mountain (Hard) – Galaxy Force Fighter



Alps (Medium) – Afterburner Jet


As these aren’t even mentioned on the Gamefaqs entry for Outrun, I’d wager they aren’t widely known about, which is a shame. They’re definitely a nice addition to the experience. Well done Hertz!

(Do you want more Outruns? my overview of all the official cart sequels can be found here)


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