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Hello! Do you like Chiptunes, harsh noises, ZX Spectrum pilot signals and an unhealthy level of  references to Outrun? I'm London-based musician, retro gamer and hobbyist dev FatNick. Welcome to my home.

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5 Of The Best Places To Look For Retro Games

Those of us who love retro gaming tend to be insatiable. There’s just a certain quality to older video games that’s…

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In Pursuit of Power Drift

Does any game own its genre as effectively as Mario Kart? Sure, the more po-faced among the racing brigade might…

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“IRQ: 7” – The Complicated World of early MS-DOS Sound Options

Modern games consoles, eh? With their bundled hard drives and insatiable hunger for game patches, they're effectively just…

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Introducing Vector Highway

A good while ago now I started a series of blog posts about my adventures with Unity. I quietly retired that series when…

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