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Hello! Do you like Chiptunes, harsh noises, ZX Spectrum pilot signals and an unhealthy level of  references to Outrun? I'm London-based musician, retro gamer and hobbyist dev FatNick. Welcome to my home.

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I Didn’t Realise There was a 128k Ghostbusters

(The 128k Ghostbusters theme) This is a topic we've covered before - and i suspect it's one we'll…

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Music Review: Wiwi Jumbo

This was originally written for the lovely peeps over at So why not give them a visit…

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The Sega Master System Hidden FM Collection 2: Incomplete soundtracks

Did you know that, unlike its Western Counterpart, the Japanese Sega Master System had its own FM soundchip?…

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Introducing the Sega Master System Hidden FM Collection

Oh I see! Don't want my yacking, eh? Just go straight to the download then. Click: Here Did…

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