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Hello! Do you like Chiptunes, harsh noises, ZX Spectrum pilot signals and an unhealthy level of  references to Outrun? I'm London-based musician, retro gamer and hobbyist dev FatNick. Welcome to my home.

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sega forever

Ten Games That Probably Won’t Be Released Under Sega Forever

List posts, eh? If there's a more cynical way of generating content than selecting a random topic from the news and assembling an…

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In Defence of. . Electronic Arts!?

Electronic Arts, eh. Why does everyone hate them so much? Ok, that's a bit of an easy one to answer if I'm honest: Shutting…

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synth city

Fatnick’s Album of The Week: Dana Jean Pheonix – Synth City

I'd be the first to admit i don't really have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the newest releases, so it's nice to have…

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flames of freedom

Retrospective: Flames of Freedom: Midwinter 2

Oh look! Rock Paper Shotgun have posted a focused (though short and somewhat incomplete) look at one of my favourite PC…

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