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Streets of Rage 4: a Less Enthusiastic Review

It’s no secret that I wasn’t particularly fond of Sonic Mania. Having replayed it more recently, I still stand by my view. Sonic Mania was a game which had a complete mastery of the character at the mechanical level, but didn’t seem to understand why Read More ...

32-bit Audio Fight Club: The Saturn, the PlayStation and the End of the Chiptune Era

The first rule of 32-bit Audio Fight Club is that you don’t talk about 32-bit Audio Fight Club. Actually, that’s not quite true: the first rule of 32-bit Audio Fight Club is that…well…you probably wouldn’t even think to talk about 32-bit Audio Fight Club. Or Read More ...

Website Update

It’s fun seeing how far you’ve come over the years anyway? Lets have a look at some of the Mechafatnick front pages over the ages: Overall, I’m pretty I’m pretty chuffed at how this place turned out considering it started life as a very simple Read More ...


This is a Megadrive game made following Andrej “OhSat” Preradovic’s MegaPong tutorial. If I can Do it you can to! (Use the arrow keys to move the paddles, ‘1’ to start the game) Play MegaPong on Download the rom file for free from: Here

Cyril the Shark
Strider: The Unfortunate Mr Hiryu

In gaming there are the origin stories we all know – like the origins of Mario and Sonic the hedgehog – but there are many more characters who remain relatively obscure – like the stars of most microcomputer budget games or Japanese cassette titles. More Read More ...

Retrospective: Headhunter

Uh oh, Christmas is inevitably a time for misty-eyed nostalgia isn’t it? Oh well – at least its the perfect time to look back 18 years to the festivities of 2001, back to the first time I played Headhunter on the Sega Dreamcast. The back-half Read More ...


Whoops. Sorry It’s been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it? I know it’s normal to announce these things in advance, but I’ve been on Holiday! Back in the middle of October the long-suffering Mrs FatNick and I loaded our little FatNicks into a plane, Read More ...

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