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This is a Megadrive game made following Andrej “OhSat” Preradovic’s MegaPong tutorial. If I can Do it you can to! (Use the arrow keys to move the paddles, ‘1’ to start the game) Play MegaPong on itch.io Download the rom file for free from: Here

Cyril the Shark
Strider: The Unfortunate Mr Hiryu

In gaming there are the origin stories we all know – like the origins of Mario and Sonic the hedgehog – but there are many more characters who remain relatively obscure – like the stars of most microcomputer budget games or Japanese cassette titles. More Read More ...

Retrospective: Headhunter

Uh oh, Christmas is inevitably a time for misty-eyed nostalgia isn’t it? Oh well – at least its the perfect time to look back 18 years to the festivities of 2001, back to the first time I played Headhunter on the Sega Dreamcast. The back-half Read More ...


Whoops. Sorry It’s been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it? I know it’s normal to announce these things in advance, but I’ve been on Holiday! Back in the middle of October the long-suffering Mrs FatNick and I loaded our little FatNicks into a plane, Read More ...

I wasn’t enamored with the Sega Dreamcast

Originally, I wasn’t enamored with the Sega Dreamcast. In fact, it’s a bit strange I even remember my first encounter, really: While my first encounters with new hardware generations were generally outlook-changing, my first look at the Dreamcast was a bit of a damp squib. Read More ...

Nothing New in the Villlage: The 35 Year Old Ancestors of Untitled Goose Game

Everyone loves the Untitled Goose Game. I love the Untitled Goose Game. If you haven’t played the untitled Goose Game, you should play the Untitled Goose Game: A stealth game that follows in the footsteps of Metal Gear Solid and Hitman, Goose Game’s masterstroke is Read More ...

Joystick Wagglers: Were Left Handed Control Sticks an Industry Conspiracy?

Have you ever wondered why arcade control sticks were always placed to the the left of the buttons? To be honest I’d never given it much thought until I saw this tweet the other day: Have you ever noticed that no matter what arcade game Read More ...

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Final Fight: the Zx Spectrum Versions
Forestal Foreteller – The Spectrum Versions
Jonestown Politics
The Night Begins to Shine
Endless Journey
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Vector Highway

  For others there is the destination.    For you there is only… Vector Highway.   Set on a straight and decidedly abstract stretch of computer-generated road, Vector Highway is a traditional arcade score chaser where the aim is to survive as long as possible. Featuring Read More ...


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