Spectrum Compilation Album

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of ZX Spectrum music as part of research for an EXCITING new project. As the AY-3-8912 soundchip found in the Speccy was an incredible piece of kit, and many of the artists who wrote for it thoughtful, intelligent and talented, I thought I’d upload a selection of my favourites here:


1) Outrun (Magical Sound Shower) 2) Chase HQ (Title Theme) 3) Mindnight Resistance (Stage 1) 4) Indiana Jones (Main Theme) 5) Platoon (Jungle) 6) Batman The Movie (Car Chase) 7) Bonanza Bros. (Main Theme) 8 ) Agent X (Main Theme) 9) Robocop (Main Theme) 10) NARC (Main Theme) 14) Total Recall (Main Theme) 15) Target Renegade (CarPark- 16) Cybernoid (Main Theme)

Click the picture below to download it from Rapidshare

Zx Spectrum Compilation Album


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