Atheism Plus

Have you been following the Atheism Plus saga? No? That’s not surprising really – I only really picked up on it because it’s been discussed by a  few of the skeptical people I follow. It seems, essentially, that a small group of people who Identify as atheists wanted to fuse Atheism with their political leanings so they could have one distinct ideology. It seemed like a bad idea at first, but after having seen tweets like this…

…it really hasn’t grown on me. Come on folks, I know we don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore religious history.We already know exactly where schisms things like these end : They end with people swinging from the Tyburn Tree because people do/do not like the Pope, car bombs exploding outside of mosques because people disagree on who should have succeeded the Prophet Mohammed and complete strangers killing each other in Northern Ireland. I think it’s highly disingenuous to say ‘wheres the harm?’ because we all know that any division that creates an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ inevitably cause nothing but (even if, in this case, it’s unlikely that the Atheism Plus movement will end in summary executions.)

Now I know the pro-A+ and anti-A+ brigade blame each other for the current situation, but (much like YOUR MUM) I’m here to tell you that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO STARTED IT. You are both causing a scene and you both might be doing irreparable damage to the Skeptical movement. Personally, what attracted me to skepticism was that, like science, it was led by methodology and not by ideology. The ego was taken largely out of the equation – and You only need to look at the logical evidence-led arguments against homeopathy and the evidence-free ideology-led arguments or homeopaths to see the benefits of this. All anyone is achieving with this in-fighting is making atheists and skeptics look silly, childish and irrational. If I were a homeopath, a ghost hunter or a creationist, I’d be laughing my head off at all of you.

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