Run Away! The Terrible Lizard Kitty has Arrived!

Yes folks! After 6 months of reasonably light graft, The Terrible Lizard Kitty video game OST has arrived! It’s available on Bandcamp for £1.40, and with the download you’ll get 14 main tracks (6 Spectrum, 8 Megadrive. All bar 2 are entirely unique) 1 bonus track, 2 inter-changable covers AND a 9-page sleeve note PDF. Where else do you get such great value? Eh? Eh?

To preview the tracks and download the album, please click on the cover art below:

Attack of the Terrible Lizard Kitty Megadrive Cover

But wait! There’s more! in celebration of the fact that I’ve managed to maintain my focus for long enough to actually finish an album, I’ve reduced the price of the original Attack of the Terrible Lizard Kitty track to free – so you can now pay whatever you want. I spoil you folks, I really do.

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