Outrun: The Spectrum Ports

So then, there they are – all three Outrun games that were available for the ZX Spectrum. On the one hand, I suppose It’s easy to see how those who had played on the original arcades would have been disappointed with the slow pace, compromised visuals and multi-loading. However i think the sheer amount of ambition on display in these games means they deserve not to simply vanish into the more obscure annals of gaming history.  The final products may have been scorched, but it was only because they had manage to soar so close to the sun.When you consider how many modern sequels are little more than expansion packs, I think we can learn a lot from the sheer effort that was put into the likes of Outrun and Europa.

Thank you, once again. to World of Spectrum, for providing the sheer amount of Speccy resources that they do.



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