Lots o New Stuff

Blimey! I haven’t updated that much over the last couple of months have I? The reason for that it because I’ve been (surprise surprise) really busy. With a few things too. Aside from all the boring worky kind of stuff, I’ve been fixing my recording setup and playing every single console Outrun spin-off I could get my hands on (something I can definitely recommend you try to,) playing around with some exciting new VST plugins I’ll be reviewing soon and, most excitingly, writing lots of new music. By the end of this year, I hope to have 2 new Fatnick releases out:

Firstly, I hope to have completed “Speccy Jams.” This will hopefully be a full length album, comprising of music inspired by last year’s amazing Speccy Jam. You can hear some of my current work in progress for this here

Secondly, I hope to have finished a shorter EP called “Modulated Frequencies.” I hope to combine live instrument sounds, Jazz/Funk textures and (most importantly of all) the YM2612 sound chip that was found in the Sega Megadrive. Progress on this has been going well too – The title track is now completely finished and available to buy on iTunes, (more cheaply at) Bandcamp and will also be available on Amazon and Google Music soon to.

If you’re a streaming kind of person, Modulated Frequencies is also currently available to listen to on Spotify (below) and will also be up soon on Rdio, Xbox and Deezer:

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site. I hope to have more stuff to show you soon!

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