I have a Webstore!

So this is EXCITING:  I have created my own very own online store, and on this very website to boot (yes that’s it! in the bar at the top.)  I’ve done this because I’m a massive sell-ou. . .  I mean because i want you to be able to get all of the latest Fatnick releases to you at bargain-basement prices.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with BandCamp, Itunes, Spotify and the like, It’s just nice to have a bit of extra flexibility in what i can sell: Rather than singles and albums, by setting up my own store i can offer you bundle deals and (in the future) physical stuff like Tshirts and mugs!

The store itself is powered by selz.com. This is definitely a good thing: as Selz are a proper merchant who have proper security protocols, you can guarantee that any transaction carried out here will be safe and secure, which is nice.

To celebrate the fact I’ve set the store up without anything going horribly, horribly wrong, I’m offering a cheap bundle containing the bulk of my discography. Interested? You can purchase it here:

Buy this on Selz
Sell digital downloads on Selz


Not sure you want that much FatNicK? You can always check out my full discography (with Spotify links) over on the music page, or listen to some sample tracks over on the right.

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