Speccy Jams: Album Art Release & Preorder info!

Hello Spec-chums!

This is all getting quite exciting. There are now just three days to go till the start of the second Speccy Jam and two days until the release of my Speccy Jams album!

My good friend Fabiana has submitted the final album artwork to me, so I thought I would share it with you all here. She had a massively unhelpful job-spec to work with (one that specified more about what she could not do rather than what she could!) so I’m really chuffed with what she has come up with. I feel it pretty much embodies what I have tried to do with the album:

Speccy Jams


In Fact, Fabi is such a good sport, she even included two variations on the cover, which will be included here and in the version sold on Band Camp:

speccy jams

Alternate 1

speccy jams

Alternate 2








Finally, now everything is in place, Speccy Jams is available to preorder at Bandcamp. Simply click the buy button below to be taken through to the Bandcamp site to and get access to a couple of tracks immediately. The rest will become available on Thursday morning. Hurrah!


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