Push Off You Disgusting Pervert: Streaker (ZX Spectrum)

With all the talk of ZX Spectrum related stuff on here lately, why don’t we take a look at another Speccy classic: Streaker.

First a shocking admission. We didn’t actually own an official copy of Streaker over at Fatnick towers. Our copy was an illicit one that lived on one of those wonderful old TDK cassette tapes. I’m sorry. Weirdly this probably enhanced the experience. You see, Streaker is the kind of bizarre and vaguely deviant title you could only really find in the colourful and slackly-policed world of the 8-bit computer, so having an illegal copy felt like the right way to go about things. Today I would give five year old me a proper dressing down, of course.


Argh! Clothes Thief!

Anyway, unleashed on the world in 1987, Streaker is a flip-screen adventure game in the mold of Dizzy and Spellbound. The name is a bit misleading though. While real Streakers tend be jovial pranksters or rubbish gamblers, our poor hero Carlin is only starkers because he has been set-upon by alien muggers on the far-off world of Zuggi. The poor chap has been robbed of pretty much everything aside from his socks. Crumbs.

Where your normal adventure game has the lofty aim of freeing a kingdom or saving a planet, your goal in Streaker is a much more modest one: Recover your clothes so you can get home. No really – That is all there is to it.


Push off You disgusting Pervert!

Not that will be as easy as it sounds, of course. Not only have your clothes (quite literally) been scattered all over the shop, but the streets of Zuggi are populated entirely by dastardly clothes thieves. If that wasn’t bad enough, the moral compass of the local proprietors seems to be desperately off kilter: Our hero might be battered, vulnerable and desperately in need of  aid; but the local shop owners are all much more interested in maintaining their various dress codes than they are helping the poor chap out. Turning up in the wrong attire doesn’t just have Carlin turned away, he’s turned away with a charmingly unsympathetic ‘Push Off Fatso.’ Nice.

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