10 years ago, I wasn’t supposed to be playing Outrun 2

So, Outrun 2 is amazing regardless of format, but what sort of reception/legacy did it have? In terms of the reviews were almost entirely positive, with the game receiving a 7.9 on metacritic. The popular response was a bit of a weird one, however, as Outrun sharply divided opinion at the time. While for some (well, me) it was a formative, near religious experience, others felt it was too simple and shallow when compared with October 2004s other big racer release, Burnout 3. To be honest, they were so different that there shouldn’t really have been any comparison, but comparisons were made on a number of forums nonetheless.

In the long term, however, Outrun is the clear victor. While Sega’s title stands out as a defining moment of arcade gaming, Burnout 3 ended up as just another entry in the Burnout series, eclipsed further once EA rolled the serious into its own Need For Speed series. Victory for Outrun is bitter-sweet however: While Outrun 2 was expanded by a release of the arcade’s (equally brilliant) SP expansion and  subsequent Xbox Live, PSN and Steam versions, the expiry of Sega’s license for all of those beautify Ferraris means that, second hand market aside, none of them are currently available to buy.

So then, Outrun is a very special game – both for me personally and for gaming generally. If you can track down a copy i genuinely implore you to do so. Outrun 2 is too good a game to be remembered purely for being an early casualty of this Steam license madness


outrun 2

Even the gloomy stages are lovely

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