Mucking Around With a Fitbit Redux

OK, after spending a bit more time with my Fitbit, I no longer have any reservations at all. The device is amazing.

fit bit

Previously, I mentioned having syncing issues between my device and MyFitnessPal. These turned out to be REALLY easy to resolve.  The issue was that I’d foolishly set MyFitnessPal up in a way that had my burned calories being counted by both the Fitbit app, and by the reading from the Fitbit itself. Obviously this meant that the effect of every step i was taking was being counted twice. Oops.

On top of that, the device has really come into its own as an alarm. You see, the attraction of an alarm clock that wakes you and only you might be self evident, but for a forgetful idiot like me, the ability to set a discreet alarm for any time of day has opened up whole new worlds of possibility.

In particular, it has helped me massively with my Asthma. I might well be the worlds worst Asthmatic when it comes to taking medication – for some reason I can never remember to use my inhalers, even though the effect of forgetting could theoretically be incredibly dangerous. Now, I’ve set up a couple of subtle vibration alerts to remind me to use my inhaler before i leave/go to bed and I feel much, much better for it.

Yes, i could theoretically do the same with my phone I suppose, but the Fitbit is almost permanently attached to my wrist (a charge lasts for a week,) so it’s never going to be left on the table or accidentally slide down the sofa.

In conclusion, so far I don’t have a single complaint about my Fitbit, and it has noticeably helped me change my health for the better. Which is all you can ask for a fitness tracker, surely?


(Please note I haven’t been sponsored by Fitbit in anyway shape or form. If they did want to send e some cool stuff I wouldn’t say no though!)


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