New Single: The Queen’s Speech

I tend to steer clear from politics around here (unless it’s absolutely necessary,) but as things in the wider world are so terribly grim at the moment I thought I’d put together a little track to ‘celebrate’ the opening of parliament yesterday.

It’s not often you get a perfect sample of the Queen saying ‘psycho-active drugs,’ after all. For those who are interested, yes the bass line is a…tribute…to the Boss Theme from Streets of Rage.

(also known as ‘Attack the Barbarian.’ Quite fitting, don’t you think?)

On a more serious note, this government look set to do a number of weird and highly damaging things. All of the benefits/disability/human dignity stuff is covered well elsewhere, but if you’re reading this on a digital device in the UK (and if you’re somehow reading this on a paper book then I commend you,) you would do yourself an enormous favour by brushing up on the Gov’s disastrous Digital plans here

Anyway, intermission over! Back to the fun and ultimately pointless stuff instead, for all of our sakes.


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