Welcome to the new Mechafatnick.co.uk!

It’s almost three years since I finally got round to building myself a dinky little WordPress site. Blimey! The Internet’s come on a bit since then hasn’t it?

Although I previously had the rather excellent WPTouch plugin installed, I’ve been considering making a fully responsive site for a while now. Unfortunately this has meant having to rebuild pretty much everything from scratch! Erk.

After a month’s worth of tinkering and breaking things, i can happily announce that the site is ready for business. Hurray!

So, what’s changed? Well, for a start the site has been completely rebuilt around Themeart’s rather lovely TA-Music theme. This means that, on top of having nicely structured release and discography sections, I’ve also got helpful landing and front pages now as well.

Alongside this, I’ve also gone through and put all of my game-related stuff in a single section, with all of my gaming related blog posts catalogued (and searchable) for easier access hurrah.

On top of that, I’ve also made some small changes to the artwork. Kudos if you know where my ‘inspiration’ came from.

I hope you all like it!

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