New Release: Communique From a Dying Star

Eek! It appears that I’ve been caught slightly off guard. Despite having only submitting the final master around 48 hours ago, my new track is up on iTunes and Spotify now!

Despite the cunningly generic sci-fi themed title, this track has a more terrestrial-based inspiration. While browsing the web the other week I found this rather interesting video which catalogues (in painstaking detail) all 252 of the empty ‘glitch’ levels hidden away in the ROM file for Megadrive Sonic Spinball. The thing that struck me the most was the horrendous looped death noises, which merge together to create the soundtrack to some sort of metallic digital hell. I knew i had to make use of it.

Meanwhile, I’d ripped the soundtrack for arcade classic Rad Mobile a few months previously. For some reason, the right speaker on the cabinet was reserved exclusively for percussion, meaning it was an incredibly easy (if slightly time-consuming process) to cut out and file away the individual drum hits.

Thus armed with both a horrendous metallic death-wail and overly aggressive low-res drum samples, I knew that I could bring them together perfectly in a drum’n’bass inspired track. I hope you like the results.


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