New Year’s Resolutions

Last year I actually made some New Year’s Resolutions. Lets see how they went:

  1. Do a spot of tidying up around ‘ere
  2. Finish the E.P. I started at the end of last year
  3. Make an actual fully fledged game.

Well i completed 1 at least – that’s the good news. In fact, not only did I do a spot of tidying, i actually rebuilt the entire bloody thing from scratch – so i get an extra mark I’d say!

Numbers 2 and 3 didn’t go quite to plan, but i’m not overly fussed. Though I didn’t finish my game project in 2015, it’s evolved into something more complex than i could have originally imagined (more on that soon.) 

Similarly, though i made some progress on Modulated Frequencies, i opted to postpone completion until i felt i was in the right mental space to really do it justice – which i feel is a sensible positive step.

This year then, i’ll be tidying up my projects from last year and making sure they’re really the best they can be (plus working on a couple of extras) I hope to have something i can show you soon!

Until then have a spectacular 16 colour-tastic new year.

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