New Year New You

Has that January spark long since faded? In need of a little extra support and will power? Why not try a bit of ZX Spectrum-based Self help! Built around a punchy Megadrive style bass and ethereal strings and brass, this track allows the sound of Currah’s Microspeech to remind you that your life IS on track and you can achieve your goals!

Interested in instruments and things? Here you go:

  • Talking Spectrum: Rhythmic Robot’s  fabulous Spec Talk (channeling Currah’s Microspeech)
  • All Bass & Brass Sounds: YM2612 (Sega Megadrive)
  • Strings: Authentic String samples crunched towards meeting the sound profile of the S-SMP (SNES)
  • Sparkling Arpeggios: Ay 89-12 (Zx Spectrum)
  • Metallic Percussion: YM2612 (Sega Megadrive)
  • Untuned Percussion: Various Megadrive PCM Samples