I’m up on Choon!



I’f you’re reading this, it means that my music is now available on the exciting Choon music service! Choon is quite an exciting idea. Built on the Ethereum platform and using its own Crypto currency called “NOTES”, Choon has been designed to solve a lot of the problems with existing streaming services for both the artist and the listener. What does this mean? A cheaper service for you, more money for the artists you listen to and all kinds of cool extra features like the ability for me to pay you for promoting my music and for you to earn money by curating a play list.


The Choon logo!



I won’t go into too much detail here because those who are interested can check out Choon’s own Whitepaper here. I’m not going to say there plans are perfect or without risk, but it definitely seems like a step in the right direction. If you’re interested in creating a music industry that plays fair by everyone, i’d definitely look into the service while its in beta.

You can sign up for a Choon account: here

and listen to my uploads to Choon: here

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