Vector Highway

A good while ago now I started a series of blog posts about my adventures with Unity. I quietly retired that series when it became obvious that writing about game development with clarity and precision was probably as hard as the development itself, but I kept squirreling away in the background experimenting with the game itself. Now, after plenty of hard work, early mornings and time away working on other projects, I’m finally happy to show you the results.

I present to you: Vector Highway.

vector highway

Set on a straight (and decidedly abstract) stretch of computer-generated road, Vector Highway is a traditional arcade score chaser where the aim is to survive as long as possible. Featuring 16 looping sectors that contain a car with badly maintained tyres, exciting bonus rounds, unexpected surprises and a satnav having an existential crisis; Vector Highway is aims to provide all of the fun of a traditional arcade game without the need for a bag of 50ps or the risk of an invasion by puffy jackets.

So what’s the catch? There is none! Built for the web, Vector Highway is completely browser based and can be played without downloading anything onto your machine. Go give it a try over on here:

If you like the soundtrack – which was built for traditional arcade sound hardware and written to evoke the experience of drifting between radio stations on a road trip – it is available for stream/download: here

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