Happy Christmas 2018!

I know this is the most boring and tedious thing that anyone can say at this time of year but BLOODY HELL, is it Christmas already? I don’t feel like I’ve achieved half the things I’ve wanted to in 2018.

Mind you, I did release a load of Master System audio hacks, finish my first browser game, write a surprisingly long article about MS-DOS sound options, get a few articles published over at Gametripper, trace the development of the Megadrive version of Power Drift, create a 3 minute long Master System PCM file, release a cover of the greatest song in the world AND upgrade this place twice, so I suppose I probably shouldn’t complain too much.

I hope you have an absolutely splendid Christmas and a wonderful new year. I look forward to hopefully seeing you with some exciting new developments in 2019.

Need some entertainment to tide you over to the new year? Why not take my exceedingly excellent Christmas Game quiz: