Whoops. Sorry It’s been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it?

I know it’s normal to announce these things in advance, but I’ve been on Holiday! Back in the middle of October the long-suffering Mrs FatNick and I loaded our little FatNicks into a plane, flew them all the way over to the California then loaded them into a car for a two week/3,500 mile tour of the South West Unites States:

There was a LOT of open road
There were some chilled out Whale Seals
There were CRATERS and CANYONS…
…And even some aliens
In fact, as it was me, there were even some classic Sega arcade machines in there as well.

Still, all good things come to an end, so now we’re back in the UK and i’m back to working on my usual nonsense! In fact, I’ve got a new album to finish up and foist upon the world. Expect another update on that one soon!

Until then…have you heard my Zx Spectrum Final Fight remixes?