Secret Sonic Wallpapers

Today just happens to be the 31st anniversary of the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog AND the launch day of the slightly controversial Sonic Origins…so why not celebrate with some classic Sonic Team wallpapers that have been given a 4k make over?

All of these files date back to the days of the Saturn and Dreamcast. Because games had made the transition from cartridge to CDs/GD-ROMs, their data files could be perused in a way that just wasn’t possible on a binary-encoded cartridge. Not only would popping the CD into a computer reveal goodies like Sound track, interface and texture files used by the game itself, but developers would often hide easter eggs on the disc – generally concept art, specially designed computer wall paper files, wav files and – in the case of one Saturn bowling game – even a text file containing the King James bible!

Consequently, I’ve gathered together all of Sonic Team’s hidden Saturn/Dreamcast wallpapers in one place. I’ve included the original files from the discs (which, because of the variety of different computer specs, came in different resolutions and colour specs) along with upgraded 4k-sized versions. I can modestly say that these upgrades really need to be seen to be believed (I say modestly because it’s all down to Adobe’s resizing tech. It has nothing to do with me!)

You can download them from: here

Or from an Mirror