FatNicK Makes a Game

thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game Part 7 by Fatnick - 06-09-2015
Blimey! Has it really been a month since i last updated? Oops. I've been busy. Well, not for the last couple of weeks or so, but up until then I was busy! You see, as I was still hiding from the realities of having to sort out the vehicle
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game Part 6 by Fatnick - 04-23-2015
(Part 5) I don't know about you but if there's one thing I hate, it's being ill. After all, aside from feeling like crap, you don't have either the strength or the inclination to carry on playing around with your funky little side projects...like
thumbnailFatnick Makes a Game Part 5 by Fatnick - 03-12-2015
(For Fatnick makes a game Part 4, click here) Hello everyone, Since my last update a lot of stuff has changed! Having completed my test track, I've decided to go in more of an arcade-driven direction for the actual game. So let's make a game! To
thumbnailFatNick Makes A Game: Part 4 by Fatnick - 02-11-2015
Crumbs! Quite a lot has happened since I popped up here with part 3. SO let's get stuck in. Having got something playable up and running, I decided that I needed to sort the car model out once and for all. There's no point in carefully balancing
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game: Part 3 by Fatnick - 01-23-2015
(Part 2) (Skip the boring stuff and go straight to the playable work in progress? click here then!) Blimey, I've done quite a bit since my last update. Hurrah! For someone who spends much of their professional life moaning at people for
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game: Part 2 by Fatnick - 01-13-2015
(Part 1) So last time on Fatnick Makes a Game we looked at how to fire up Unity, create a cube and some spheres, then sit and stare at the screen wondering why they won't spontaneously form into a usable car. This time we're going to get that
thumbnailFatnick makes a Game: Part 1 by Fatnick - 01-08-2015
So, making good on my New Years Resolution, yesterday was the first day I tried to MAKE A GAME. But how, exactly, do you go about making a game if your only major prior experience of game design is Epic's classic DOS Adventure title ZZT? Like