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thumbnailStay in Choon? Crypto Currency and Ambitious Attempts to Fix the Music industry by Fatnick - 12-18-2018
Before I begin, I should point out I'm a fan of Choon, a music service that combines music and crypto currency in order to create audio-based fun times and frolics. Since discovering the platform and signing up for it earlier in the year, I haven't
thumbnailPlaystation Classic:Where on Earth is Wipeout? by Fatnick - 11-08-2018
Egad! I pop off on holiday for a couple of weeks and Sony go and release a full list of the titles they’re baking into the Playstation classic. Needless to say, the list has proved to be a little bit divisive. In fact, given that the full roster
thumbnailIn Defence of. . Electronic Arts!? by Fatnick - 05-25-2017
Electronic Arts, eh. Why does everyone hate them so much? Ok, that's a bit of an easy one to answer if I'm honest: Shutting popular studios,  unleashing Origin, the legacy of the Ea Spouse stuff, the revolving door of controversies surrounding
thumbnailNew Game Discovered: Wonderland Dizzy by Fatnick - 10-25-2015
After a week of cryptic shenanigans, The Oliver Twins have announced the discovery of a new Dizzy game! Hurrah! (As a side note, it's Dizzy. Not Dizzy the Egg. Saying Dizzy the Egg is like saying Thomas a Becket. Just stop it.) [caption
thumbnailYoutube: The Copyright Rules are Creaking. by Fatnick - 12-11-2013
So there are lots of people who are angry with Google's new policy of screening all affiliate Youtube channels for content violations. This is because a lot of "lets play" folk are suddenly being hit with reviews and take downs. There are a lot
thumbnailSega Pluto, anyone? by Fatnick - 05-10-2013
In 12 hours time, someone out there will be the proud owner of a Sega Pluto. What's a Sega Pluto, i hear you ask? Well, it's essentially a redesigned Saturn shell that combined both the Saturn console and the network peripheral in one device.
thumbnailFarewell Sony Liverpool by Fatnick - 08-22-2012
It's with a heavy (and deeply surprised) heart that I bid farewell to another fantastic UK games developer - Sony Liverpool. Perhaps not as famous as the likes of Wipeout, but I remember