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thumbnailStay in Choon? Crypto Currency and Ambitious Attempts to Fix the Music industry by Fatnick - 12-18-2018
Before I begin, I should point out I'm a fan of Choon, a music service that combines music and crypto currency in order to create audio-based fun times and frolics. Since discovering the platform and signing up for it earlier in the year, I haven't
thumbnailPlaystation Classic:Where on Earth is Wipeout? by Fatnick - 11-08-2018
Egad! I pop off on holiday for a couple of weeks and Sony go and release a full list of the titles they’re baking into the Playstation classic. Needless to say, the list has proved to be a little bit divisive. In fact, given that the full roster
thumbnailIn Defence of. . Electronic Arts!? by Fatnick - 05-25-2017
Electronic Arts, eh. Why does everyone hate them so much?Ok, that's a bit of an easy one to answer if I'm honest: Shutting popular studios,  unleashing Origin, the legacy of the Ea Spouse stuff, the revolving door of controversies surrounding
thumbnailNew Game Discovered: Wonderland Dizzy by Fatnick - 10-25-2015
After a week of cryptic shenanigans, The Oliver Twins have announced the discovery of a new Dizzy game! Hurrah!(As a side note, it's Dizzy. Not Dizzy the Egg. Saying Dizzy the Egg is like saying Thomas a Becket. Just stop it.)[caption
Youtube: The Copyright Rules are Creaking. by Fatnick - 12-11-2013
So there are lots of people who are angry with Google's new policy of screening all affiliate Youtube channels for content violations. This is because a lot of "lets play" folk are suddenly being hit with reviews and take downs.There are a lot
Future Retro by Fatnick - 05-22-2013
So with the announcement of the fancy new Xbox One the future is finally here, but what does this mean for our potential for future retro gaming?With the current generation, things are a little ominous. Naturally, the disk-based games will
thumbnailSega Pluto, anyone? by Fatnick - 05-10-2013
In 12 hours time, someone out there will be the proud owner of a Sega Pluto. What's a Sega Pluto, i hear you ask? Well, it's essentially a redesigned Saturn shell that combined both the Saturn console and the network peripheral in one device.
Farewell Sony Liverpool by Fatnick - 08-22-2012
It's with a heavy (and deeply surprised) heart that I bid farewell to another fantastic UK games developer - Sony Liverpool.Perhaps not as famous as the likes of Wipeout, but I remember