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thumbnailMegapong by Fatnick - 02-23-2020
This is a Megadrive game made following Andrej "OhSat" Preradovic's MegaPong tutorial. If I can Do it you can to! (Use the arrow keys to move the paddles, '1' to start the game) Play MegaPong on Download the rom file for free
thumbnailCyril the Shark by Fatnick - 02-23-2020

thumbnailStrider: The Unfortunate Mr Hiryu by Fatnick - 02-14-2020
In gaming there are the origin stories we all know – like the origins of Mario and Sonic the hedgehog – but there are many more characters who remain relatively obscure - like the stars of most microcomputer budget games or Japanese cassette
thumbnailRetrospective: Headhunter by Fatnick - 12-22-2019
Uh oh, Christmas is inevitably a time for misty-eyed nostalgia isn't it? Oh well - at least its the perfect time to look back 18 years to the festivities of 2001, back to the first time I played Headhunter on the Sega Dreamcast. The back-half of
thumbnailI wasn't enamored with the Sega Dreamcast by Fatnick - 10-15-2019
Originally, I wasn't enamored with the Sega Dreamcast. In fact, it's a bit strange I even remember my first encounter, really: While my first encounters with new hardware generations were generally outlook-changing, my first look at the Dreamcast
thumbnailNothing New in the Villlage: The 35 Year Old Ancestors of Untitled Goose Game by Fatnick - 10-10-2019
Everyone loves the Untitled Goose Game. I love the Untitled Goose Game. If you haven't played the untitled Goose Game, you should play the Untitled Goose Game: A stealth game that follows in the footsteps of Metal Gear Solid and Hitman, Goose
thumbnailThe Surprisingly Modern Cult of Horace by Fatnick - 08-16-2019
All good things come to an end. In my case this turned out to be the relatively cushy storage solution i had for all of my old Spectrum gear. Still, silver linings and all that: One of the big advantages of having to get your Spectrum stuff out of
thumbnailCarjacking down Memory Lane: Returning to The Getaway's Digital London in 2019 by Fatnick - 07-23-2019
This article was originally posted over at Why not head over there and see what lovely articles they have ready for you to read right now? (well, after you've read this one obviously) When is a game not a game? The
thumbnail8-Bit Showdown: How popular were the Master System and the NES in the UK? by Fatnick - 07-03-2019
When it isn't doing is it's upmost to sabotage Western democracy, one thing that can be said for Facebook is that it does have some of the friendliest retro communities on the internet. A few weeks ago one particular discussion caught my eye: how
thumbnailFatNicK Reviews Stuff: Antstream Retrogaming Streaming Service by admin - 06-07-2019
Whether its the sheer mortal terror of a thousand red bodies angrily devouring flesh and bone or the more mundane worry of having endless ravenous insectoids trample your picnic; the thought of streaming ants has - historically - not been a
thumbnailFatNicK Reviews Stuff: Bits and Pieces A History of Chiptunes by Fatnick - 05-11-2019
I'm pretty surprised that its taken me so long to get round to reading this book myself, to be honest, but here it is: A quick review at Kenneth McAlpine's scholarly examination of the history of chiptunes. I suppose the first thing that needs
thumbnailDreamcast SD Adaptors: Are They any Good? by Fatnick - 03-19-2019
The cold embrace of death, eh? It comes for us all eventually, but for some - in this case CD-based games consoles - it comes quicker than most. While older cartridge-based machines will keep going until either their capacitors go pop or the
thumbnailThe Xbox 360 Will Never be Retro (a tedious classification post) by Fatnick - 03-09-2019
Ok, I'll have to admit it - as someone who fits in the relatively uncommon venn diagram between history and retrogaming, I probably let myself ponder the question of what exactly retrogaming IS a little too much. Why does it matter? after all, it's
thumbnailApex Legends Feels Incredibly Cynical by Fatnick - 02-12-2019
It was the 90s! Spice Girls! Nude darts! Playstations! Obviously only the latter interested me, and amongst all the gaming triumphs on Sony's behemoth the port of Mechwarrior 2 really caught my attention. One particular mission really stood out.
thumbnailFatnick reviews Stuff: Retro Quiz Cards & Paladone Sega Bluetooth pad! by admin - 01-06-2019
With January merrily barreling along, perhaps now is a good time to review a couple of interesting retro-themed bits that fell into my grubby mits at the end of last year. Professor Puzzle Retro Quiz Cards Recieved over Christmas as a
thumbnailRetro Review: Chase HQ (Zx Spectrum) by Fatnick - 11-20-2018
On reflection, it’s probably a minor miracle that the world ever persuaded us that £40 to £50 cartridge games were the way to go. Back in the early 90s, you could probably count yourself lucky if Father Christmas slyly dropped one or two video
thumbnailPlaystation Classic:Where on Earth is Wipeout? by Fatnick - 11-08-2018
Egad! I pop off on holiday for a couple of weeks and Sony go and release a full list of the titles they’re baking into the Playstation classic. Needless to say, the list has proved to be a little bit divisive. In fact, given that the full roster
thumbnailIn Pursuit of Power Drift by Fatnick - 09-10-2018
    Does any game own its genre as effectively as Mario Kart? Sure, the more po-faced among the racing brigade might draw influence from other (more realistic) avenues, but if you're looking towards making a light-hearted kart racer, it's
thumbnail"IRQ: 7" - The Complicated World of early MS-DOS Sound Options by Fatnick - 09-03-2018
Modern games consoles, eh? With their bundled hard drives and insatiable hunger for game patches, they're effectively just user-friendly PCs aren't they? Yes, even you over there in the corner, Mr Switch. Hang on though! When you think about it, the
thumbnailVector Highway by Fatnick - 06-06-2018
A good while ago now I started a series of blog posts about my adventures with Unity. I quietly retired that series when it became obvious that writing about game development with clarity and precision was probably as hard as the development itself,
thumbnailThe 32x Wasn't that bad, really. by Fatnick - 04-27-2018
    For those willing to dabble in the murky world of emulation sites, the internet offers the most bizarre game prototype as a trophy. Produced for Sega's 32x Megadrive expansion and dubbed Virtua Hamster, the game puts the player in
thumbnailRetro Review: Stellar Assault/Shadow Squadron by Fatnick - 04-10-2018
  One of the little-known facts about the 32x (although, thanks to it's colossal commercial failure, most facts about the 32x are little-known) is that its a pretty good console for space combat games. Seriously -  they make up about 10% of
thumbnailI Didn't Realise There was a 128k Ghostbusters by Fatnick - 02-20-2018 (The 128k Ghostbusters theme)     This is a topic we've covered before - and i suspect it's one we'll cover again - but it's worth pointing out that the sunset era of the
thumbnailMusic Review: Wiwi Jumbo by Fatnick - 02-05-2018
    This was originally written for the lovely peeps over at So why not give them a visit as well?     I feel a bit of a fraud writing this. I wish I could
thumbnailThe Sega Master System Hidden FM Collection 2: Incomplete soundtracks by Fatnick - 01-29-2018
    Did you know that, unlike its Western Counterpart, the Japanese Sega Master System had its own FM soundchip? oh, you did? Well of course to you would - you're a smart, witty and generally amazing Sega Master System fan. What you may
thumbnailIntroducing the Sega Master System Hidden FM Collection by Fatnick - 01-23-2018
Oh I see! Don't want my yacking, eh? Just go straight to the download then. Click: Here Did you know that, unlike its Western Counterpart, the Japanese Sega Master System had its own FM soundchip? oh, you did? Well of course to you would -
thumbnailGilbert: Escape From Drill by Fatnick - 12-12-2017
    Average things can be difficult to review. When presented with a positive specimin there are praises that can be sung, with a negative specimin there are sins that can be punished . . . but what can we say about something
thumbnailGig Review: Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima (Fabric 30/11/17) by Fatnick - 12-01-2017
    When it was announced that London nightclub Fabric had lost its license back in 2016, It definitely felt like the end of an era. I can't say i'd exactly been a regular, but i'd had enough fun nights at the club to briefly mourn its
thumbnailIn Defence of GEMS by Fatnick - 11-28-2017
    On the whole, sound engines aren't something people tend to discuss. That's perfectly understandable really: a sound engine is just a bit of code that allows composers to talk to the sound hardware contained in a console. Even in the
thumbnailOOky Spooky Halloween Fun: Devilish by Fatnick - 10-31-2017
    There are so many predictable choices for games to play over Halloween, aren't there? Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower. . . hang on, I appear to just be listing random "survival horror" titles here, but you
thumbnailKlax by admin - 10-26-2017
  The arcade business of the 80s and 90s was a decidedly daunting one. While some games achieved immortality by being ported to every home platform under the sun, less popular titles died an anonymous death, living on today only through
thumbnailThe Secam 2600 was a thing of maligned beauty by admin - 09-22-2017
    Analogue Televsion standards, eh. They're not something you have to think about everyday, are they? That is, of course, unless you were French and bought an Atari VCS. If you were, instead of looking like
thumbnailMy Thoughts on Sonic Mania by Fatnick - 09-08-2017
  So after a tremendous amount of build up, Sonic Mania has finally been released. The first "proper" Sonic game in over 20 years, this should naturally be right up every aged Sonic fan's alley. I can't say I'm quite as enamoured as everyone
thumbnailA Long Lost Spectrum game Inlay by admin - 08-11-2017
Sorry i haven't been as active around here lately, but until everything's back to normal here's a nice tid bit brought to my attention by Ocean veteran Mark Jones (who's well worth a follow if you're interested in Spectrum art stuff.) Now, if
thumbnailReview a Bad Game Day 2017: Dark Castle by Fatnick - 08-08-2017
Generally I try and keep things positive on Review a Bad Game Day. After all, while a game can be bad overall, it can still have individual elements that are fun or noteworthy or just generally interesting. It's very rare to find a game with no
thumbnailTen Games That Probably Won't Be Released Under Sega Forever by Fatnick - 06-30-2017
List posts, eh? If there's a more cynical way of generating content than selecting a random topic from the news and assembling an assortment of ten things that are only vaguely connected to it, I certainly can't think of one. On the other hand .
thumbnailIn Defence of. . Electronic Arts!? by Fatnick - 05-25-2017
Electronic Arts, eh. Why does everyone hate them so much? Ok, that's a bit of an easy one to answer if I'm honest: Shutting popular studios,  unleashing Origin, the legacy of the Ea Spouse stuff, the revolving door of controversies surrounding
thumbnailFatnick's Album of The Week: Dana Jean Pheonix - Synth City by Fatnick - 05-05-2017
I'd be the first to admit i don't really have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the newest releases, so it's nice to have picked up on something in the first week for a change! Released on Tuesday, Synth City is the third album from synthwave
thumbnailRetrospective: Flames of Freedom: Midwinter 2 by Fatnick - 04-29-2017
Oh look! Rock Paper Shotgun have posted a focused (though short and somewhat incomplete) look at one of my favourite PC classics of all time, Midwinter 2: Flames of Freedom. You can read it if you want. I'll wait. To be fair to it, I think the
thumbnailReview a great Game day 2017: G-LOC by Fatnick - 04-08-2017
    Normally I would say a shooter that pits the player against an armour-plated hot air balloon would instantly earn its place among the greats, but the Master System version of G-LOC was probably a disaster waiting to happen for a
thumbnailA 24 Year Old Fashion Magazine by Fatnick - 03-01-2017
Criticism of the presence of politics in videogames seems a bit bizarre. Did none of the complainers play Desert Strike when growing up?  Or Civilisation? Or Theme Park? There remains, however, one complaint that seems like it may have some
thumbnailFatnick's Album of the Week: Sega Sound Unit [H.] - 1st Album by Fatnick - 02-23-2017
Though his soundtrack for Fatnick-favourite Outrun is widely lauded, Sega composer Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi sadly doesn't receive the same respect as some of his more famous soundtrack composing peers. This is a bit of a shame: Not only does his
thumbnailReflections on Mirror's Edge: Catalyst by Fatnick - 02-22-2017
Although my heart is generally in the old and peculiar stuff, I'm not entirely detached from modern gaming. Consequently, when i saw that Mirror's Edge: Catalyst was in the Origin new year sale I pounced on it like, well, a great big pouncy
thumbnailFatNick's Album of the week: Dat Fuzz by irrlicht project by Fatnick - 02-02-2017
  Blimey. I spend a lot of time trying to promote my own slightly rubbish music, so I thought it would be quite nice if i plugged some other people for a change. Consequently, here's my first "album of the week!" Irrlicht Project is a music
thumbnailThree Sega Soundtracks you may have missed by Fatnick - 01-28-2017
Thursday was a truly magnificent day: Completely out of the blue, Sega made a ton of their soundtrack albums available on Spotify. Blimey! The only problem with having access to such a large collection is the question of where to start. As I have
thumbnailFatnick reviews stuff: Haynes Electrosynth Kit by Fatnick - 01-17-2017
Considering that my creative output is entirely digital it might not surprise you to learn that, when it comes to building things in the physical world, I am not  a massively practical person. Physical clumsiness aside, I'm not really sure why
thumbnailI unlocked my NES Mini by Fatnick - 01-09-2017
If you're interested in old videogames, you probably already know that some clever chaps have worked out how to add new games to the NES mini. Now, generally I'm quite a cautious sort, so when it comes to unauthorised 3rd party hacks that can
thumbnailA New ZX80 by Fatnick - 01-05-2017
Now you probably know we're big fans of the Spectrum in these here parts, so I was very excited to learn this morning that someone's created a new clone of the Sinclair Zx80, dubbed the Minstrel. As it was the first computer that was available on
thumbnailThe Saturn Shinobi by Fatnick - 12-12-2016
Today we're going to look at an unusual one: The Saturn Shinobi. Hang on for a second, oh mighty internet pedants. I know tha'ts not its real name. The problem, however, is just what name do we use to address the Saturn's Shinobi title? In Japan
thumbnailZx Spectrum Day: Why should you care about the ZX Spectrum? by Fatnick - 11-30-2016
For Zx Spectrum day over at Skirmish Frogs, I produced a couple of articles explaining why the Speccy is so important to UK gamers. I thought id combine them both into one super article here so, without further ado, here you go! If there's an
thumbnailBlimey, it's the 30th anniversary of Outrun! by Fatnick - 09-16-2016
Egad - today marks the 30th anniversary of the world-wide release of Outrun. Now, I think articles like this make no secret of the fact that I'm somewhat of an Outrun obsessive. However, I'm reasonably certain that there can be no way of
thumbnailReview A Bad Game Day 2016: The Getaway by Fatnick - 08-06-2016
For review a bad game day this year I've decided to look at a Play Station 2 title. I know some people view the PS2 as being too new to truly count as a retro console and, considering its' abilities to deliver fully textured worlds streamed from
thumbnailFatnick Goes to Play Margate by Fatnick - 07-25-2016
So yesterday I attended the Play Margate  gaming exhibition, held in the..err...lovely Kentish coastal town of Margate. Sun, sea and old video games -  What could possibly be better? Before I begin, I'd like to note that i was only present for a
thumbnailShiny New Toys! by Fatnick - 06-14-2016
While i may spend a good chunk of my gaming time hanging in the early '90s, i do keep tabs on what's going on in the contemporary gaming world (and hey, i will get back into Elite: Dangerous at once point. Once it finishes updating, that is.)
thumbnailA.B. Cop by Fatnick - 06-07-2016
If you've read any of my posts around here, you probably know that, if there's one thing I love, it's a good Sega arcade game. Consequently, I was VERY excited to recently discover one that I'd never played before: A.B. Cop. Never heard of A.B.
thumbnailDick Tracy by Fatnick - 04-21-2016
Players: 1 If there's one lazy generalisation people make about old videogames, it's that games based on films were generally quite bad. Though this wasn't necessarily the case, there do inevitably have to be some stinkers in the cinematic
thumbnailIf I had a 3d printer... by Fatnick - 04-13-2016
I imagine that 3d print carvings of Spectrum sprites is what I'd spend my time doing as well. This is incredible:   Hello Manic
thumbnailRaGGD 2016: How To Be A Complete Bastard by Fatnick - 04-08-2016
Oh look, It's another April 8th so it's time to look at another great game! This year I've opted to look at a title that just about crosses the precipice into greatness: How to Be a Complete Bastard on the Zx Spectrum. As games go, How to Be a
thumbnailCrazy Cars II by Fatnick - 03-01-2016
A rose, as some talentless hack once put it, may well smell as sweet by some other name...but there's no denying that certain titles come with some pretty unavoidable connotations. Take the name 'Crazy Cars' for example. I don't know about you, but
thumbnailThe SG-1000 and My first year of Everdrivin' by Fatnick - 01-09-2016
Crikey! It's already been a year since i bought my first Everdrive. Lets have a look at it, shall we? For those not in the know, an Everdrive is an ingenious invention. While your average cartridge game contains a simple PCB containing a
thumbnailCopter 271 by Fatnick - 12-21-2015
When you look at the title of our next GX4000 game, Copter 271, it looks like something's missing...a 'Heli,' perhaps? Either way, it turns out that the title's pretty apt. Turn the power on, and you'll find out that there's something missing
thumbnailWhy isn't Toejam & Earl at The Top of Every Best Soundtrack Poll? by Fatnick - 12-18-2015
24 years ago, my brother and I stumbled towards the end of classic intergalactic Megadrive adventure Toejam & Earl. Though we'd previously borrowed it from a friend, this was the first time we were playing through on our own chunky cartridge -
thumbnailWhy Weren't They Released Here: Galaxy Force & Gale Racer by Fatnick - 12-10-2015
The poor Sega Saturn. He definitely hasn't had much love around here has he? That's definitely not to say he's a bad little machine lets change things up by looking at a couple of Sega Saturn titles that didn't make it out of Japan:
thumbnailBurnin' Rubber by Fatnick - 11-10-2015
Blimey! Three reviews in and we've finally stumbled upon a GX4000 exclusive...and pretty much the most important exclusive at that! Developed by Ocean specifically for Amstrad, Burnin' Rubber was the title that every GX4000 and CPC+ owner found
thumbnailBatman by Fatnick - 10-31-2015
Players: 1 Genre: Action We live in strange times. On the one hand we have a bizarre cultural fetish for 8-bit video game aesthetics, while on the other we often deride the actual 8-bit titles themselves (unless they are one of the safe,
thumbnailNew Game Discovered: Wonderland Dizzy by Fatnick - 10-25-2015
After a week of cryptic shenanigans, The Oliver Twins have announced the discovery of a new Dizzy game! Hurrah! (As a side note, it's Dizzy. Not Dizzy the Egg. Saying Dizzy the Egg is like saying Thomas a Becket. Just stop it.) [caption
thumbnailI'm Back, Ocean & The 30 Worst Video Games by Fatnick - 10-16-2015
Coo-eee I'm back! Well, that was a nice break. I've been away on holiday in Florida for the last couple of weeks, which is why things have been a bit quiet around here. Things will get back up to speed shortly. In the meantime, if you haven't
thumbnailWhy Wasn't It Released Here: Outlander by Fatnick - 09-26-2015
I think I might have a new favourite Megadrive game - and an almost topical one too, considering how excited everyone was getting about Mad Max recently. Released in 1992, Outlander is, quite literally, Road Warrior: the video game. It has Mad
thumbnailIntroducing the B-Z of the GX4000 by Fatnick - 08-24-2015
From Betamax through to Laserdisc, the history of consumer electronics is littered with some pretty spectacular failures. In the video game world, however, there are few failures as impressive as Amstrad's first (and only) venture into the
thumbnailReview a Bad Game Day 2015: Technocop by Fatnick - 08-08-2015
The folks over at 1Morecastle have shut up shop, meaning there's no one to administer Review a Bad Game day this year. Ooh eck! But while there are still bad games that need reviewing, we might as well continue to review them, yes? Let's take a
thumbnailBarbarian II by Fatnick - 07-20-2015
  Genre: Adventure Players: 1   Its always best to start how you mean to go on isn't it? How fitting, then, that the first GX4000 game we examine is one of the old CPC ports that dominated the GX4000's library. Originally
thumbnailCricket Special! by Fatnick - 07-19-2015
Ooh! The Ashes are here! The Ashes are here! and they're going on...RIGHT NOW. To celebrate, lets have a look at the cricket output of unarguably the best cricket game developer of all time, Brian Lara Cricket creators Audiogenic. Graham Gooch's
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game Part 7 by Fatnick - 06-09-2015
Blimey! Has it really been a month since i last updated? Oops. I've been busy. Well, not for the last couple of weeks or so, but up until then I was busy! You see, as I was still hiding from the realities of having to sort out the vehicle
thumbnailVideo Games Are Harmful! Here we go again... by Fatnick - 05-20-2015
I like Science, I like video games. Rarely, however, do I like the two together - and that's certainly true of today's "video games are harmful" story: Call of Duty will make you mentally ill. According to the news story: Researchers found that
thumbnailFatnick has a GX4000 by Fatnick - 05-14-2015
So the other day I took delivery of something quite exiting: An Amstrad GX4000 games console. If you're thinking "Amstrad?" and "Games Console?" don't feel too bad: It lasted on the market for less than a year before being discontinued. It was home
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game Part 6 by Fatnick - 04-23-2015
(Part 5) I don't know about you but if there's one thing I hate, it's being ill. After all, aside from feeling like crap, you don't have either the strength or the inclination to carry on playing around with your funky little side
thumbnailBleugh! Illness and...Freescape by Fatnick - 04-20-2015
Well, in case you hadn't noticed, there's been next to no activity around here recently. Boo, There has been a good reason for that though: My wife and I have been horrendously ill for the last few weeks. Seriously. It feels like, between us, we've
thumbnailReview A Great Game Day 2015: The Trapdoor by Fatnick - 04-08-2015
Somewhere in the dark and nasty regions, where nobody goes, stands an ancient castle. Deep within this dank and uninviting place, lives Berk, overworked servant of "the thing upstairs" But that's nothing compared to the horrors that lurk
thumbnailFatnick Makes a Game Part 5 by Fatnick - 03-12-2015
(For Fatnick makes a game Part 4, click here) Hello everyone, Since my last update a lot of stuff has changed! Having completed my test track, I've decided to go in more of an arcade-driven direction for the actual game. So let's make a game! To
thumbnailI'm Sorry! by Fatnick - 02-26-2015
One of the most exciting things about having an extensive MAME library ( on my unjailbroken iPhone as well. HA!) is that it allows you to access to all kinds of weird and wonderful titles that would be incredibly difficult to find in the physical
thumbnailHere's a Bunch of Lovely Outrun Easter Eggs by Fatnick - 02-16-2015
I may about 20 years late to the party, but I thought I'd quickly share the Easter Eggs that developer Hertz included in their Sega Megadrive port of the original Outrun. All of the easter eggs are unlocked just before the beginning of the third
thumbnailFatNick Makes A Game: Part 4 by Fatnick - 02-11-2015
Crumbs! Quite a lot has happened since I popped up here with part 3. SO let's get stuck in. Having got something playable up and running, I decided that I needed to sort the car model out once and for all. There's no point in carefully balancing
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game: Part 3 by Fatnick - 01-23-2015
(Part 2) (Skip the boring stuff and go straight to the playable work in progress? click here then!) Blimey, I've done quite a bit since my last update. Hurrah! For someone who spends much of their professional life moaning at people for
thumbnailFatNick Makes a Game: Part 2 by Fatnick - 01-13-2015
(Part 1) So last time on Fatnick Makes a Game we looked at how to fire up Unity, create a cube and some spheres, then sit and stare at the screen wondering why they won't spontaneously form into a usable car. This time we're going to get that
thumbnailFatnick makes a Game: Part 1 by Fatnick - 01-08-2015
So, making good on my New Years Resolution, yesterday was the first day I tried to MAKE A GAME. But how, exactly, do you go about making a game if your only major prior experience of game design is Epic's classic DOS Adventure title ZZT? Like
thumbnail10 years ago, I wasn't supposed to be playing Outrun 2 by Fatnick - 11-11-2014
The 10th of October 2004 was a Wednesday. As it was a Wednesday, I wouldn't have been in university. Instead, I should have been at home working on my research. As it was November 2004, I wasn't working on my research. I was playing Outrun
thumbnailGodzilla and The Martians by Fatnick - 09-16-2014
What's this? Someone made a Godzilla game for the Speccy? Why haven't i heard of this before? Is this the title to put an end to the Big Gs run of  largely terrible games? Let's fire it up! Please don't be rubbish. . . Please don't be rubbish. .
thumbnailOn #Gamergate and Journalistic Integrity by Fatnick - 09-09-2014
Blimey, things got a bit heated over the weekend didn't they? What with Zoe Quinn revealing the identity of the folks behind her harassment and the accompanying storm of FURY, etc. Interestingly, regardless of whether or not it was started by
thumbnailPush Off You Disgusting Pervert: Streaker (ZX Spectrum) by Fatnick - 09-05-2014
With all the talk of ZX Spectrum related stuff on here lately, why don't we take a look at another Speccy classic: Streaker. First a shocking admission. We didn't actually own an official copy of Streaker over at Fatnick towers. Our copy was an
thumbnailThe Genesis is 25 years old! by Fatnick - 08-14-2014
Crickey, 25 years ago the Sega Genesis launched in the US. That can't be right, surely? It is? I feel old.           Growing up, we didn't see much in the way of  import Genesis titles, but from the
thumbnailNight Trap is on Kickstarter? by Fatnick - 08-12-2014
This probably shouldn't come as a massive surprise, but Night Trap now has its own HD Kickstarter. I don't know how I feel about this. As much as people complain about Kickstarter rapidly becoming a dumpling ground for retro gubbins, Night Trap
thumbnailReview A Bad Game Day 2014: Give My Regards To Broadstreet by Fatnick - 08-08-2014
Is it that time of year already?  four months ago we looked at a truly great game, so now it's time to look at something utterly dreadful. Blimey. My nomination for this year's review a bad game day is 1985 Spectrum title "Give My Regards To
thumbnailUnreleased Spectrum Game turns up 24 Years Later. On eBay. by Fatnick - 08-05-2014
Well this is the stuff that (weird retro gamer's) dreams are made of: Virgin Games' supposedly unreleased Judge Dredd Spectrum game has turned up. On eBay. For £3.99 plus postage. It was posted in a thread over at the World Of Spectrum, which
thumbnailMegadrive Hard Drivin': A Defence by Fatnick - 07-26-2014
The internet community's a funny old thing isn't it? In the old days, the only options you had for judging a game's overall popularity were ELSPA charts and magazine reviews . Nowadays, even the most obscure titles have fan pages, gamefaqs entries
thumbnailWhy Wasn't it released Here: Chase HQ II by Fatnick - 06-14-2014
Maybe its just me, but there's few gaming things more exciting than an import-only game. From the feeling exclusivity, to the illicitness of owning something you were never supposed to own, nothing quite beats it. It does beg the question though:
thumbnailThe Other Outruns by Fatnick - 05-31-2014
As we've already established, I like Outrun. Probably to an unhealthy extent. In fact, not only do I love the original arcade Outruns (in all their many ports and guises) but I even love the weird and widely ignored console-only Outrun games as
thumbnailReview a Great Game Day 2014: Hijack by Fatnick - 04-07-2014
Do you remember Review A Great Game Day 2013? No? That's ok. It was a while ago (a year, in fact) and a lot has happened in the interim. So then Last year, I chose to review the rather tremendous Speccy Beat 'em up Target Renegade, but it was a very
thumbnailOutrun: The Spectrum Ports by Fatnick - 02-27-2014
Its cold, its wet, its nasty and half the country is underwater. There's only one thing for it: it's time for an Outrun marathon. Dissapointingly though, Outrun is covered pretty well online. From dedicated fan sites through to socialist
thumbnailCompletions & Game Length by Fatnick - 02-06-2014
So far this year I have played through just two titles. On the modern front we have Batman Arkham Origins, while on the more classic side of things we have SNES PilotWings. (as an aside, this post has been in my drafts for a couple of days. I've
thumbnailChristmas Games by Fatnick - 12-28-2013
With the family packed off an the turkey completely devoured, now's the time to generally start getting stuck into the Christmas games. Hurrah! No no, not games set at Christmas (although there are some that were definitely worth a mention,) this