Fatnick is a British Dance/Chiptune/Noise artist based near Croydon in South London. Originating from the furthest reaches of East London, much of his musical upbringing came via the sound chips of the Spectrum and Sega Megadrive, along with a fine selection of Britpop, Post-Punk and Industrial artists.
After a short teenage run as a bass guitarist in a few local bands, Fatnick was introduced to eMagic’s Logic DAW in 1998 and began making music on his own. Having released an EP on the now-defunct and contributed to a few local compilation albums, he finally put together his first album, Vorsprung Durch Fatnick, in 2005.

In the years that followed, Fatnick has experiementd with Jazz, Trance and Drum’N’Bass (among over genres,) and has written albums for his beloved Megadrive and Spectrum.
During the day, Fatnick works as a production/Mac monkey in the publishing industry, and lives at home with his wife, know-it-all daughter, marauding son and more games consoles than is probably healthy to own.

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