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thumbnailSpotify & Apple Music: An Addendum by Fatnick - 08-17-2015
One thing I would just like to add to my previous post about music streaming: It definitely is an exciting time to be part of the streaming music club. Here's a look at my stats from January this year to June:  [caption
thumbnailSpotify, Apple Music & Why I'm rubbish at the music biz by Fatnick - 08-12-2015
I've been thinking of writing something on the whole music streaming world for a while now. Thankfully, Jasper Hamill over at The Mirror has given me an excuse with his vaguely partisan article on Apple Music.As both an artist and a keen listener,
thumbnailSo Sam Smith was busted for plagiarism... by Fatnick - 01-30-2015
So it turns out that human horn-section Sam Smith has had to hand over a chunk of royalties to Tom Petty because his song Stay With Me, sounds identical to Petty's track I Won't Back Down I have to confess, as mean as it sounds, i find
thumbnailDiggin In the Carts by Fatnick - 09-10-2014
Hang on, how did I not know about this? Red Bull have commissioned a documentary series, called Diggin in The Carts, which is all about the history of Japanese video game music. This is most definitely relevant to my interests.They have already
thumbnailDRUMS! by Fatnick - 06-30-2014
I've had a few people ask me how I produced the drums Modulated Frequencies (you know, that track you can see over on the right? Why don't you listen to it? Go on!)It's always incredibly lovely to have feedback, but unfortunately I don't really