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Music Reviews

thumbnailGig Review: Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima (Fabric 30/11/17) by Fatnick - 12-01-2017
  When it was announced that London nightclub Fabric had lost its license back in 2016, It definitely felt like the end of an era. I can't say i'd exactly been a regular, but i'd had enough fun nights at the club to briefly mourn
thumbnailFatnick's Album of The Week: Dana Jean Pheonix - Synth City by Fatnick - 05-05-2017
I'd be the first to admit i don't really have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the newest releases, so it's nice to have picked up on something in the first week for a change!Released on Tuesday, Synth City is the third album from
thumbnailFatnick's Album of the Week: Sega Sound Unit [H.] - 1st Album by Fatnick - 02-23-2017
Though his soundtrack for Fatnick-favourite Outrun is widely lauded, Sega composer Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi sadly doesn't receive the same respect as some of his more famous soundtrack composing peers.This is a bit of a shame: Not only does his
thumbnailFatNick's Album of the week: Dat Fuzz by irrlicht project by Fatnick - 02-02-2017
 Blimey. I spend a lot of time trying to promote my own slightly rubbish music, so I thought it would be quite nice if i plugged some other people for a change. Consequently, here's my first "album of the week!"Irrlicht Project is a
thumbnailFatnick reviews stuff: Haynes Electrosynth Kit by Fatnick - 01-17-2017
Considering that my creative output is entirely digital it might not surprise you to learn that, when it comes to building things in the physical world, I am not  a massively practical person. Physical clumsiness aside, I'm not really sure why
thumbnailMusic Gear review: Korg NanoKEY 2 by Fatnick - 05-05-2016
As anyone who has tried raising a child in a British flat will probably attest to, space generally comes at a bit of a premium in these parts. Consequently, I recently took the decision to downsize from my (already pretty dinky) Maudio Oxygen 25 to
thumbnailPlogue Chipsounds Review by Fatnick - 09-13-2012
Plogue have  just released an update for their Chipsounds plugin - something I've used extensively on Attack of The Terrible Lizard Kitty - and are currently selling it for half price. I thought now would be a good time to jot down a quick
thumbnailGig review: Metal Box In Dub by admin - 05-26-2012
A weird gig in many ways. Would many people turn up to see a partial PIL line up play a bastardised version of a 30 year old album? Yes, apparently they would: when we rocked up at the village underground, the que was round the block and veering
thumbnailReview: Reaper by admin - 02-11-2012
In the old days it was simple: If you wanted a DAW, you either went with Cubase, Logic or Cakewalk. There were a couple of others, but these were ever really expensive or just plain weird.So then, it came as a bit of a shock to me, as i came

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