Modulated Frequencies


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Did you know that the Sega Megadrive contained a fully-functional FM Synthesiser in it? Hmm. Can it be made to reproduce the kind of bright, expressive synthesiser sounds heard in your favourite 80s tracks? Lets find out!

Modulated Frequencies is a suite of tracks that recontextualises the sounds produced by the Megadrive’s Yamaha YM2612 sound chip into a live band environment. As tribute to the great composers of the 16-bit era, these tracks have been written in a fusion style.

The Megadrive sounds used on this album have been recorded and processed with the kind of sympathetic studio production that would be applied to any other instrument in the normal recording process.

To complete the live feel, the sounds of the YM2612 have been accompanied with live bass, drum and guitar samples. Lovely!